Our Work

Doan Brook works primarily with private, closely-held companies in logistics, including bulk commodities, intermodal and marine; precision manufacturing; and specialty construction.

Adverse Loss History

A specialty commercial subcontractor in rigging, steel erection, electrical and roofing experienced a $1.1 million dollar loss paid by underwriters over and above self-insurance.  We worked closely with the client and underwriters to identify root cause, opportunities to improve an already sophisticated safety program and renew all contracts at very favorable terms.

Asset & Income Stream Alignment

We inventoried the assets, revenue streams and contracts for a global 4PL with over 400 employees, 600 independent contractors and 70 locations, including the Netherlands and Brazil.  Almost 10,000 data points were cross referenced with 30 insurance contracts and P&I Club membership.  A 45-page report identified and prioritized risk management gaps as well as options for addressing the gaps.

Buy/Sell Representation

A syndicate of private equity firms purchased an environmental sciences firm with offices in Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. Representative services include diving, DOT-11X tank car derailment response, CWA permitting, pipeline installation and natural gas processing stations. We performed diligence of all assets, liabilities, and revenue, including, but not limited to, marine and non-marine, state and Federal workers compensation, business interruption, and management liabilities.

Management Liability

A Registered Investment Advisor with over 30 captive funds needed insurance for cyber, professional and management liabilities. We structured a cyber risk management program to respond to actual and potential losses caused by first and third-party breaches.  A separate management and professional liability insurance program was established.

Product Liability

A Tier 1 aerospace and defense contractor making critical and non-critical parts required split limits ranging from $10MM to $75MM for product liability and third party economic loss. Representative products include brakes, check valves, evacuation, shimmy dampers and steering systems for commercial and military platforms. We helped the firm achieve a 25% cost reduction by carefully modeling the supply chain as well as revenue streams by product, platform and contract.

Vessel Sinking & Oil Spill

Heavy weather sank one of the largest privately-operated hydraulic dredge within one of the 14 NOAA marine sanctuaries while under tow. The 6,000 HP and 1,200 T vessel was capable of pumping material up to 2 miles thru a 2-foot diameter pipe with a crew of 35.  We coordinated response under OPA 1990 with the US Coast Guard and other parties, including abandonment in place and containment of a large oil slick. The slick was prevented from reaching the coast and the population of 34 species of marine mammals and 180 species of birds. No injuries or lost lives.