Airbus Stops Taking PW1100G Engines

Airbus has stopped accepting PW1100G engines for the A320neo platform.  The PW1100G appears to be leading to a higher than normal number of inflight shutdowns and aborted takeoffs because of a knife-edge seal in the aft hub high-pressure compressor.


Liquid Fertilizer Barge Buckles on Ohio

Cincinnati OH buckled barge releases +/- 400,000 gal liquid fertilizer into the Ohio River.  Cleanup in process.  Cincinnati water intakes fortunately upriver.  Louisville intakes are downstream + prepping for containment.

Southern Towing Barge Buckles


3Q17 Driver Turnover Numbers

Driver turnover and shortage as volumes jump…driver turnover rate at large FTL fleets jumped to 95% in 3Q17 per the ATA. Turnover at fleets with less than $30MM in annual revenue fell to 84%. LTL fleets lead the pack at 7% turnover.

Driver Turnover

Kobe Steel + Fake Certifications

Kobe Steel will co-operate with the U.S. Department of Justice after the DOJ requested documents related to the fake data scandal besetting Japan’s third-biggest steelmaker.

Kobe has declared 500 companies worldwide are in a supply chain tainted by admissions it falsified certifications on the strength and durability of metals over the past 10 or more years, including Boeing, Ford and General Motor

Steel Annealing Operations Inside The PRO-TEC Coating Co.

Crowley Continues Strong Harvey Response

Crowley Maritime Corporation will have offloaded more than 6,500 loads of FEMA and commercial cargo from 20 vessels at its San Juan, Puerto Rico terminal since Hurricane Maria struck the island in late September.

Crowley projects another 9 vessels, carrying between 2,500 and 3,000 loads, will arrive in Puerto Rico next week.

Crowley Barge

Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Overheats Burns at Sea

The Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Society shows just what can happen when 50,000 tons of ammonium nitrate overheats during transit.

The cargo in all five of the ship’s cargo holds burned for two straight weeks in August 2017 until there was no more fertilizer to burn.

The MV Cheshire’s crew abandoned ship a few days into the slow-burning fire. Salvors were able to keep the vessel away from shore but couldn’t board the ship due to the toxic smoke.

Fertilizer Fire